Adhesives – week 1

It’s been a cold and wet week and we had one failure.

Crack sealer 1


‘Clamped’ Gorilla Glue


Gorilla Glue




Crack Sealer 2 (same sealer – I just put two tiles down with it)


The crack sealer tiles were not applied using the method outlined in the Toynbee how-to. I need to find some scrap tar paper and try it the right way – I do think the paper will make a difference.

4 thoughts on “Adhesives – week 1”

  1. I’m still rooting for the crack filler. I haven’t forgotten to send you scraps. I have tar paper too. Is there a hot sunny weekend coming up? I think crack filler needs heat.

  2. Agreed on the crack filler – the fact that one of the samples (the one that gets more sun/heat) made it through give me hope. It’ll only get better as things warm up.

  3. Hmm, is there any way to get a flame weeder involved in this process? This looks great, and I’ll be really interested to see the progress.

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