Call for tiles

Having come up with a viable (meltybeads!) tiling scheme, it’s time to officially launch! If anyone wants to deploy a mediated toynbee tile in their neighborhood, fantastic. If you’d let me know, with a picture and a location, even better. My tile dropping will have to wait on warmer weather but you can expect daffodils and QRCodes to bloom simultaneously up here.

To assist – an engriddened toynbee code:

Superperlerstingcodes are GO!

As you can see from the post below, I’ve been experimenting with Perler (aka melty) beads. The starter kit I bought didn’t have enough black and white beads to finish the QRCode and I didn’t want to buy any bulk bags until I’d proven the concept so everything waited until today, when I swung by the local craft store and bought a mixed refill bag. Voila!


A big thank you to Eric fritterfae Riley – steps 3 and 4 of his cross stitch Instructable really simplified bead layout.  And the test run:


I don’t think my cell phone camera/scanner SW copes well with low-light conditions – it wouldn’t scan in late afternoon ambient light and I had trouble scanning a QRCode in a movie theater lobby (dim) recently. At least, I hope that’s why scanning was temperamental; more testing wll be done tomorrow.

And the explanation for the post title (for those of you who haven’t seen other references to it on the blog) is here.